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Who we are + what we do

SheWolf is the group you have been looking for, these are your people, these are move-makers, money makers, change-makers. This is a place only for female founders and CEOs.

Our application-based membership provides support, connection, and collaboration for women at the top of their game, which can be a lonely place.

The Challenge:
Current "women’s groups" for female founders do not offer enough substance or provide tangible action items and tools for business success.  

  1. Topics covered are often too broad and are based on motivation, rather than action steps

  2. There isn't enough exposure to the stepping stones to success, including mid-level growth tiers

  3. Groups are not selective, can often grow too quickly which loses the intimacy of peer-to-peer mentorship

As a result, it is easy for female founders to feel disappointed or overwhelmed by their options, to feel like they aren't getting benefits from their current membership groups, and to wonder if they belong anywhere.

The Solution:

SheWolf will solve these problems by connecting you with women in similar businesses stages, and specifically, to give you:

  1. Tangible advice, under NDA, on topics you need help with, such as: how to build sales, dip into that line of credit for payroll, handle business litigation, owe taxes, and hire team members.

  2. Our members are at various business stages, from $50k to $7MM in annual revenue, and can speak to each of the steps in between.

  3. We equip you to pick your own path for intimacy and peer-mentorship through webinars, classes, meetups, retreats, and expert partners at the click of a mouse

leaders still need a pack

There are 12.3 million women-owned businesses with 1800 new businesses started each day.  4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of 1 million or more. The more we succeed, the more we can impact business culture, building environments we want to work in.Our success relies on the success of our members.



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Already sold?

People come and go in our lives, but you have a unique opportunity that starts today. You can choose to be a part of something greater than yourself and  make your future a meaningful culmination of your innate strengths and life’s experiences.

SheWolf is an action verb. It is for doers, participants, those who are willing to take the field, to play the game and to get bumped up along the way.

This is a new beginning for us both.

SheWolf will be the vehicle for you to take those lessons learned over a career and a life fully lived, to help others succeed.

Think of this as ecosystem for both your personal and your professional lives, providing you the opportunity and tools to own, direct, and control your destiny.

Leave a lasting mark on others. Teach them with your actions that excellence requires living on the edge. That treating others the way you wish to be treated is worth fighting for.

Plant your flag. Reach the summit. You are doing your life’s work, and you need a pack to “get you,” guide you, and help you grow.

This isn't just about networking. This is about business, and when women come together, when we collaborate, share our experiences, and support each other, the results are legendary. 

Those that commit to being a part of our tribe, agree to certain bylaws that protect everyone. We also aim to keep our culture collaborative and not competitive and for that reason, we have a serious application process to ensure you are a cultural fit, as well as being at a place in your business that is ready for this kind of pack.

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