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Hey, there pack member

We will do all of our connecting over in MIGHTYNETWORKS, but this password protected page has some downloadable goodies, our preferred partners list, and FAQ’s.

WELCOME to the pack, and dive right in.

We love it when you HOWL to the world your official PACK member status. Feel free to download logos, email signatures, and social posts for your use. Go visit us on the network + save it into your bookmarks!


  • As a member, you are approved as an Authorized User of the SheWolf® certification mark!  We are honored to count you and your female driven business among the highly-vetted list of users.

  • Please do not alter or filter any of the pack member downloads. They are property of SheWolf®

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE CERTIFICATION MARK: This certification mark is intended to be used by Authorized Users only.  Authorized Users may use the certification mark to identify goods or services which emanate from a  majority of her company, she must maintain a controlling board seat. 

    As a member of SheWolf, we need your help to raise awareness and spread the word about the collective. We’re asking that you begin to use the symbol in places where others will begin to see and recognize it. 

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We are all about you sharing the love. If you want to add the SheWolf logo to any of your own swag or artwork to announce your membership, you can download a zip file of our registered trademarked logo below.



You MADE it, so tell the world. Here are some social media pack member announcement images if you’d like to post. Download below.

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You should wear this like a badge! Feel free to add it to your LinkedIN profiles, email signatures and more!


All Members agree to our Privacy and Confidentiality terms so that what’s said in the pack, stays in the pack. You can view those details here


Our early access program is offered for a limited time, and limited spots at $99/mo or $999/year. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, then you aren’t willing to invest in your business. There are mastermind groups and other CEO memberships that cost upwards of $1,500 per month (it’s true, check it out). We are here to teach you about business while we treat this as a sustainable business as well. Our business is built on success and value. We overdeliver. As the pack grows, so will membership dues and membership perks. If you join at the ground level for this limited time offer, your dues go to the following:

  • Our platform hosting

  • Professional Services and Preferred Partners

  • Business Resources

  • Social Events

  • Discounted swag for you and yours

  • Sponsorships of non-profits or events that give back to the female community

  • The blood, sweat, and tears of our founding member team

  • Our GRANT program

The pack is built on trust and transparency. As a member, if you ever have any questions about our budgets, you are welcome to ask. Shoot us a note at and we’ll respond asap.


If you haven’t joined yet and you are thinking about a cancellation policy already, this might not be the best pack for you. This is an ecosystem of give and take and you get out of it what you put in it.

HOWEVER - life HAPPENS. We know that because we are on the same business ownership rollercoaster that you are.


If you cancel your membership, you are still held to the NDA agreements you have signed and are not to share any information shared during your membership time. You must cancel by the 15th of the month to not be charged for the upcoming month. If you have paid annually, you will get a refund for the remainder of the months in your membership, starting with the next full month if cancelled prior to the 15th of the month.

WHere are the pack members located?

We can officially say we are GLOBAL. We are creating virtual “dens” all over the place. We are a virtual network, connecting women all over the Nation, and the world. As the pack grows, so will area dens where we definitely encourage in person meet-ups!