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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Align + Shine With Core Values


Do you feel in alignment? Does something feel off? Do you feel like you're staying true to what's most important to you? Identify your personal core values and work to bring yourself back into alignment with what really lights you up!



I'm a leadership, life and creativity coach who specializes in working with women just like you. I do this work because my purpose in life is to use my curiosity, empathy and listening skills to walk as a guide with fellow women seekers like you on your path towards clarity of purpose. I'm the compass to point you towards your north to ensure you fully step into your own power.

I spent over a decade in corporate American in sales for an insurance company, a great company, great career but for someone else. Not me. I know intimately what it feels like to be doing a job you know you're not just good at, but great at all at the expense of losing alignment with yourself. I was way off course and lost without a compass. I went about gathering the tools, looking for the map and the compass to find my own north. While in that career I searched relentlessly for my calling. I became a 200 and 300 hour certified yoga instructor, taught yoga classes, opened a yoga studio and even created a program to teach others how to share the gift of yoga. Yoga and the trainings I've received as a yoga teacher brought me closer to my calling, it gave me the map, but I wasn't quite there.

After selling the yoga studio I founded in February of 2017 I started leadership, life and creativity coaching. For the first time in my life, I knew I could stop searching, I had my compass. This was the work I'd been put on this earth to do. It was time for me to step into my own power even if it was scary. Since then I've taken a 7 month long positive psychology certification course to bring more techniques and science-based approaches to assist my clients in their journey to flourishing.

I coach individuals and groups, lead workshops to move you north of neutral, speak on topics to help others flourish, and lead retreats all over the world. This work is my calling and it's a gift to share it with you.

I know that when we as women realize and step into our own power we make the whole world a better place. Let's shine our lights brightly together!

Hugs -Alisha

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