Season 1, Episode 2: Growing a Passion Project with Joanna Waterfall and Kacy Schlemmer

The dream-inspired duo at Yellow Co, Joanna Waterfall and Kacy Schlener, are serious squad goals. Dare we say better than the original KC and JoJo? Joanna is the dreamer, she has the big ideas and Kacy is the executor, ready to put those ideas into action. They have each others back with a bright and inspiring outlook on not only their community but the entire world and specifically the amazing women they’re connecting on a daily basis. Today, they give us some real and inspiring, life-giving talk all about women, making the dream a reality, and the big picture behind it all.

Guest Joanna Waterfall is the creative mind and founder of Yellow Co. Kacy Schlener is her right hand woman, the Director of Operations. Host Jordan Lacenski is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Brandboss Creative, and co-founder of SheWolf Collaborative.

Host: Jordan Lacenski

Guests: Joanna Waterfall and Kacy Schlener


Show Notes:

  • “Find your hive, worker bees.”- Joanna shares how Yellow Co came to be(e) and how she grew from a freelancer into building her team

  • “My dream job would be, I’m working with my friend and my friend is just like dreaming up all these amazing things and then I just get to make the plan, like make the dream happen.”- Kacy tells us how her literal dream came true, and in turn Joanna’s visions started coming to life

  • “We always start disagreements from a mutual understanding that we’re on each other’s side.” Joanna and Kacy share the ins and outs of how conflict works on team Yellow Co

  • “It’s been so interesting for me, taking my strengths and making sure that they stay strengths for everyone, not just strengths for myself.”- We get real about our personality types and how they affect ourselves and those around us

  • “The coolest part about what we’re doing is that the women who are part of it are… so amazing. They are truly talented and gifted and skilled, and they want to use it.. to make the world a better place.”- We talk about how the women of Yellow Co are taking on the world, starting with connections between good women

  • “Who’s going to drive the airstream?” We chat about touring and Yellow Co events current plans and future dreams

  • “I’m motivated to connect women to that greater picture that we’re all a part of.”- Joanna and Kacy share about how their impact in Yellow Co has enabled them to dive deeper into their own purpose

  • “Some people take Xanax, I’m going to run.”- the Yellow Co women share what keeps them grounded and how to get involved, because they recognize the hustle is important but so is the woman behind the hustle


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    “Bees are so awesome for like a million reasons, but.. they are living in community, and they're working really hard, and they're literally just being themselves. Like they are doing what they were made to do. They're being who they were created to be, and in that they are making flowers bloom. and they're giving us food, they're creating honey, and they're making the world a more beautiful and nourished place. And... that is what I want to encourage women to do- is just be who they were created to be, and just do what they were made to DO. And in that they will make an impact and they will make the world a more beautiful and nourished place.”- Joanna Waterfall

    “Conflict is an extremely undervalued tool and resource for us to become the most excellent versions of ourselves and our visions.”- Kacy Schlener

    “I think there’s such a big piece that comes with empowerment and it’s the people that empower you. I think feeling empowered by yourself is totally possible. But to have a connection, is so impactful.”- Jordan Lacenski