Season 1, Episode 10: Three Grumpy Girls Get Real with Dani Forrest and Brie Goumaz

Fellow pack members and co-work space office mates Dani Forrest and Brie Goumaz join us on a rainy Friday with a glass of wine in hand to discuss those days you just don’t feel like working, female entrepreneurism, and being a digital nomad. In this group of somewhat grumpy lady friends, things get real quick- and we are here for it.

Guest Brie Goumaz is a digital marketing strategist and founder of WildGoose Creative. Dani Forrest is a market strategist and founder of Dani, Inc. Host Jordan Lacenski is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Brandboss Creative, and co-founder of SheWolf Collaborative.

Host: Jordan Lacenski

Guest: Dani Forrest and Brie Goumaz


Show Notes:

  • “Leave the fluffy stuff at the door.”- we jump right in, feeling grumpy and getting real about working when you’d rather just… not

  • “It’s looking at the ways you’re hustling and taking a step back.”- we go through self care and what actually takes our businesses further

  • “I’m like the girl who has her push-up bra on.”- comparing dates to taking on clients, we chat about what we give away for free and what we wait to share after the line is signed

  • “Every chick I’ve talked to in business has a hard time charging their worth.”- we dive into why women are prone to charge less than their male peers who are working at a similar level

  • Jordan, Dani, and Brie talk about their entrepreneurial journeys and out of office dreams

  • “I think on the grumpy days that we have, like today, it’s nice to think about those freedoms.”- we dive into the varying levels of being a digital nomad

  • “There is a couch in the office…”- the answer to every grumpy mood? Naps.


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“It’s all in the attitude and how we’re showing up. So it might not be that one email and it might not be that one phone call, but it’s each day. How you show up at your work and what you’re bringing to the table. And you never know what that one thing is that is going to bring in new business.” -Dani Forrest

“Whether you’re trying to start a business, or you have a business and you’re trying to be bigger, I always say, do one thing every day that gets you to where you want to be… Whatever it is, just one day be the person you would be if you were that. If you were them. You are them.” - Dani Forrest

“It’s so sext to start a business right now, and I’m such a dream crusher that I just want to tell everyone that it’s really not that sexy. Like, you think it is, and then you go into the dressing room and put the swimsuit on and you realize that you’ve been sitting at your computer four years.”- Jordan Lacenski