Thriving in an UNBALANCED world

Success is the goal.  Why join, what is different?  Well, it is that we are real, that we see reality and take action. And yes, we will celebrate your accomplishments, but we refuse to diminish the work required through empty cheers, nonsensical advice, or hollow affirmations that we’ve all likely heard at countless seminars, podcasts etc.


Family, work, timelines, and deadlines, information overload, laundry, dinner, aging parents, sick kids, and homework…yep, we’ve all got it and we all have 24 hours a day.  We will not tell you how to live a balanced life, we’re not even sure what that really is. What we will do is help you be successful and to live your most successful life…which will likely be unbalanced☺

Why join now?  Well, you can lock in a great rate, be a part of a movement from the ground up, and really launch your success journey.

Here is a sneak peak at what the future holds.

January, the start of a new year and the start of your business success journey, will be focused on a few key items.

  • A strong finish in 2019 is easier with a strong start and that is our focus…to get there we have 4 points of focus for the first quarter.

    • Development of near and long term goals to guide the rest of the process.

    • Sales, margins, pricing…I want to improve all three…what do I do?  We will work through some exercises to ensure you are chasing the right target and charging enough!

      • Deliverables:

        • Development of a potential client ranking form

        • Development of a “value base”…the thing(s) each members business does better than others AND the thing that causes customers to buy from them…this will be used to develop a pricing strategy

        • Negotiating techniques

        • Intentional Networking training

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) development and dashboards…we’ve all heard of vision boards, well, we are going to kick it into high gear and get real with success boards for our companies.

      • Deliverables:

        • Weekly KPI tracking sheet

        • Monthly KPI summary

        • YTD Tracking sheet

    • Creating your ecosystem…Great performers have great coaches, mentors, advisors, boards… we are going to come out of the first quarter with a team of SheWolves focused on your success and based on your current situation.

      • Deliverables:

        • A talent based board…Each member will identify the sort of help they need…

          • Legal, financial, sales, marketing, forecasting, cash management,…

          • Using this help audit, we will work to build a board of  (1, 2) members for the other member.

        • A self assessment program

    • Process:

      • Videos from Jordan walking through the process

          • Video #1 Goal setting, getting the year off to a great start

          • Video #2 How to identify things that matter

          • Video #3 How to use the information…now that I know it, what should I do?

          • Weekly chat…let me tell you about my results, you tell me about yours

          • Video….Weekly “Book Club” or weekly Insights…Traction/When, Business Brilliant? Let others add their thoughts?  Build a chat around this?

  • Daily message tied to one of these four first quarter goals

  • Monthly accountability update with Shewolf board

  • Quarterly accountability update with Shewolf board

  • Quarterly reporting on an aggregated Shewolf membership

    • In the quarter the Shewolf community…

      • Had sales of $X and the goal was $Y

      • Had profitability of A against a target of B

      • Has cash on had of $$ vs a target of $

      • Has a weighted pipeline of $###

  • 7 touches per quarter on the quarterly theme.

AND MORE! So what are you waiting for?

Jordan Lacenski