It's time to TREAT yo'self

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At SheWolf, we really believe that the hunt is never over, that you are always training, improving, growing. We also believe that being the pack leader can be scary, lonely, and it requires a thicker skin, even moreso, support of a pack.

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, you may be the very thing holding your business back.

Our founding member team has had several really interesting conversations lately which as pushed our Owner to reach beyond the founding members to ask people to tell her what she may not want to hear, ways that she can grow, and she has asked to be challenged. While this isn’t always comfortable, it’s necessary to grow, become better, and ensure that anyone following, has a leader that believes in always improving.

We are lucky that we have each other, and we launched the SheWolf Community because we know other women need this too.

Not to mention, “Women who communicate regularly with a female-dominated inner circle are more likely to attain high-ranking leadership positions,” according to a new study by the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University. The study also mentioned "that inner circles benefit from each other, suggesting that women gain gender-specific private information and support from their inner circle, while non-overlapping connections provide other job market details."

One very specific are of conversation lately is VALUE. The value of your team, your support can often times be immeasurable. Valuing yourself is particularly hard for us as female business owners. We often put ourselves last. We give, we listen, we support. We often pay ourselves last or less. We can sometimes feel like imposters (the imposter syndrome is a real thing - google it). We apologize and disarm immediately in new conversations. Well, we are here to tell you, YOU’RE WORTH IT. You are the lifeblood of your organization, your family. If you’re not in the best place, everything around you starts to feel it.

We want to challenge you to budget for things that YOU need as a leader. You budget for office supplies, business insurance, meals and entertainment, marketing, and more. Do you budget for your own growth? Do you have consultants or advisors? Do you attend conferences that help you grow? Do you have a pack of women who understand the ups and downs of running a business? Do you have a circle of trust? And how much do you budget for those items? What is the return on that investment?

We created SheWolf to combine some of those resources and to offer an online membership with women you can count on, women who are driven and high-achieving, “your kinda people.”

We also think that skin in the game is important. How often do you take advantage of “free” stuff just because it’s free? The free yoga class at the gym you don’t actually join or the free worksheet or resource from the company you don’t ever hire…

This isn’t free and it’s not for everyone. This is for established businesses with annual revenues at least in the 6 figures, or close to it. It’s for women who will contribute to conversations, who will share their experiences.

So what’s the skin in the game?

We get it, this is NEW. We are asking you to trust in a circle of trust that you don’t yet know. You are going to have to be vulnerable, putting yourself out there in a diverse community of female business owners all over the U.S. (and further). That’s why we are offering an early access rate, the lowest our membership will ever be, and you can take advantage of it right now. We are ONE month into our early access program and it’s less than 1% of your revenue. Yup, less than 1%. If your business brought in $100k last year, then $999 per year early-access membership is just 1% of your total revenues and you get to lock it in for life. Want to pay monthly? We got you - at just $99 a month you can get the same perks.

Need more perspective? Here are 25 things you probably spend more than $100 on in one month:

  1. Your gym membership

  2. Gas

  3. Wine

  4. Your hair cuts

  5. Clothes

  6. Coffee (If you have 10 coffee meetings a month, and 10 more caffeine put stops a month)

  7. Snacks and lunch out

  8. Manicures + Pedicures

  9. Rent

  10. Car Payment

  11. Childcare

  12. Travel

  13. College Loan payments

  14. Entertainment

  15. Subscriptions

  16. Your cellphone bill

  17. Supply Costs

  18. Subcontractors

  19. Advertising

  20. Software

  21. Customer or Client gifts

  22. Design

  23. Office Internet

  24. Technology/Devices

  25. Professional Services

Go ahead and knock out some of these that aren’t helping you out, or add a #26 and add LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT for YOU. Whether you apply to join one of the many amazing professional networking groups, or SheWolf because you want to be surrounded by women who get you, do something for yourself. Your business will thank you.

Jordan Lacenski