Pack Member Moonlight (because we are our own spotlight)

Y’ALL! Meet Morgan Albertson, Vice President of Operations - Piedmont Home Contractors, Inc. and also Founder - Albertson Parkinson's Research Foundation.


Upon welcoming her to the pack, we asked her a few other great “get-to-know-ya” questions and we wanted to share with you:


“Piedmont Home Contractors has been in business for 25 years this year! We were founded by my dad in 1994 and I have been working by his side since May 2017. We are a full general contracting company. We focus on home renovations and mold remediations around the state of North Carolina. Call us for any home repair or mold needs! Albertson Parkinson's Research Foundation was founded by myself in August 2018. We are raising money to better research on Parkinson's Disease. Two of my family members have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, so I am very passionate about finding a cure for this disease. We are hosting our first big fundraiser in April 2019, so follow us or visit our website to keep up with our success!”

Do you have a personal philosophy or words to live by?

Everything happens for a reason.

What brings our your inner SheWolf or makes you feel like an ALPHA female?

Taking on a hard task and conquering it with poise.

Why did you join the pack?

I joined to have an outlet of women in business that are in a similar position as myself. Many of my friends do not understand the struggles I have at work because they are not in the same position as myself. SheWolf has been wonderful so far for an outlet to talk about hard things and to be vulnerable with other women in business. It is nice to put my private information in a secure group and get honest, valuable feedback that helps me better myself and my business.

Who are your top 3 badass business female role models and why?

  • 1. Rachel Hollis - I love her positivity and her ability to use struggle as a tool to help her succeed. Her story is amazing and I love reading her content and books and applying her lessons to my life.

  • 2. Jordan Lacenski - she is a strong female and I love watching her succeed by being confident, brave, and not afraid to go for what she wants. Many women do not have this drive and it is something I really admire in her.

  • 3. Ivanka Trump - She is beautiful, but does not let her beauty help her get ahead in business. She works very hard for what she has and is such a role model for young women and women in business.

Where can people hunt you down?

@moalbertson (insta), @albertsonparkinsonsresearch (insta), @piedmonthomecontractors (FB), @albertsonparkinsonsresearchfoundation (FB)