Pack Member Moonlight (because we are our own spotlight)

Y’ALL! Meet Heather Fleming of Conscious Nutrition in Cardiff by the Sea, California.


She’s been in business for about 6 years. She is a connector and a freedom spreader. Her contributions include some major mindset work. Her core values are:

1. Spreading nourishment and generosity.
2. Being uber present and aware
3. Owning and expressing my personal power and spirit

Upon welcoming her to the pack, we asked her a few other great “get-to-know-ya” questions and we wanted to share with you:

Tell us more about your business:

My passion is in guiding clients and mainstream nutrition to release dieting, restriction and deprivation by helping people become the guru of their own bodies and nutritional needs.

Do you have a personal philosophy or words to live by?

What would love do?!

What brings our your inner SheWolf or makes you feel like an ALPHA female?

My clarity and intuition is my guide for EVERYTHING!

Why did you join the pack?

I joined the pack to have more feminine support to help keep me connected to myself, other female pack leaders and grow my biz.

Who are your top 3 badass business female role models and why?

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, because she ROCKS being and expressing herself without giving a crap about anyone else.

  • Michelle Obama, her book name, Becoming, ARE you kidding me!

  • Brene Brown, because she is rocking being in the mess of life.

Where can people hunt you down?

Facebook, Insta: HeatherDawnFleming