Pack Member Moonlight (because we are our own spotlight)

Our early access program JUST launched 2 weeks ago and we are already blown away by the new pack members. This isn’t for everyone and the application is lengthy, so to make the cut, you have to truly be an alpha female.

We’d like to shine a light on Kyleen Olson, Owner/ Photographer at Kyleen Olson Photography in Montana. She works with mainly weddings and senior portraits and her business is over 6 years young!


She defines success by the love of her clients and peers. Upon her pack welcome, we asked her a few other juicy questions:

Do you have a personal philosophy or words to live by?

Early is on time, on time is late. Be yourself.

What brings our your inner SheWolf or makes you feel like an ALPHA female?

Empowering other women and encouraging them to reach their goals.

Why did you want to join SheWolf?

I want to be a part of uplifting and powerful entrepreneurs.

Who are your top 3 badass business female role models and why?

*My grandmother, she owned a sewing and fabric shop for many years and started it herself from the ground up. She was a force to be reckoned with.
*My friend Jenna, she runs a wedding planning company and has come leaps and bounds over the last two years. Including having had 4 weddings in one DAY to work on.
*Julie Paisely. She is a wedding photographer out of Nashville and she now runs several workshops to help other photographers. She has such knowledge and is willing to share with others.

Where can people hunt you down?

Facebook, + Insta: @Kyleenolsonphotography