Creating A Cohesive Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important tools a business has at its disposal. Without marketing, a business may fail to gain exposure and appeal to a wider audience. This may result in poor sales figures and a lack of revenue. Marketing enables a business to promote products and services and show its potential customers what it has to offer. Amazon, for example, has got this strategy down to a masterful level. They use every trick in the book to make sure you’ve got your eye on the latest Amazon deals, and they use every marketing channel available to get them to you.

In today's modern world, a business must consider digital and online marketing in addition to traditional marketing. In order to maintain consistency and create an effective marketing campaign, a business should strive to bring together all forms of advertisement to build one cohesive strategy.  

Why Is A Coherent And Joint Marketing Strategy Important?

As mentioned above, there are many forms of marketing - TV ads, radio, billboards, flyers, web ads, social commerce, and social media. A business could quite easily create separate campaigns for each of these marketing types.

Whilst this may work to some degree, it would also instill a lack of clarity, focus, and direction for your business. Furthermore, customers may become confused at the different messages portrayed or the different angles used in each piece of marketing.

Ensuring that your marketing efforts are combined and cohesive is vital to raise brand awareness. For example, you may have a Facebook advert, a paid advertisement through Google Ads, and an email campaign. Why not consider using the same theme/style or slogan throughout each of these pieces?

By creating different marketing campaigns that compliment each other, you can really push through to your customers the message you desire with much greater effect.

How Can You Bring Your Marketing Strategies Together?

To actually create marketing efforts that work together, you must, first of all, treat them as one large project. Don't simply set out 4 different people working on 4 different campaigns. Instead, create one team of 4 people that work on all 4 pieces of marketing. By doing this you will ensure a similar flow of ideas and consistency across each project.

Furthermore, it is important to use certain recurring objects, items, or themes through each piece of marketing. The following are some things you could consider replicating across several marketing campaigns for consistency:

- Color schemes, fonts, and styling

- Slogans, headlines, or phrases

- Imagery and visual media

- Style of content and message

Furthermore, you should also try and link together your marketing campaigns and, if possible, use different platforms to cross-promote. For example, you could use social media platforms for social commerce, banner ads, or product reviews.

Social commerce is, in fact, a fantastic tool and is certainly something you should look to incorporate into your marketing strategies. Using tools like Facebook marketplaces or Instagram shoppable feeds can help bring your marketing together and boost your exposure and sales even further.

We hope you have found this article useful. Consider your own marketing strategies and see if they are cohesive and work together, and if not, a change is needed!


Jordan Lacenski