Join the Pack: SheWolf Collaborative Launches Network Exclusively for Women Business Founders and CEOs


Contact: Jordan Lacenski

Co-Founder and CEO, SheWolf Collaborative; 336-652-2677

Boardrooms and negotiating rooms are not just for men anymore. High-powered networking groups shouldn’t be either.

SheWolf Collaborative is trying to change the status quo with a new global online network of women business founders and CEOs.

“When you get to the top, it’s lonely, and that’s especially true for women,” said the group’s founder, Jordan Lacenski.

After initially starting SheWolf as a collaboration of women marketing, advertising and public relations professionals, Lacenski quickly learned the most valuable part of the organization was the strong network of women it created.

She spent the past year traveling around the country, attending conferences and talking to women about other professional networking groups, hearing what they liked and also what they didn’t.

She learned there was a networking vacuum for women at the CEO and founder level. Many organizations exist to aid working women generally, but the needs of a founder are different.

“There really wasn’t anything out there on a national or global scale for women CEOs and founders to learn from each other and support each other,” Lacenski said. “We have been missing out on vital conversations like how to seek investors, negotiate a term sheet, grow and scale our businesses. These are the things we need to be talking about to take our businesses to the next level.”

Lacenski found that high-powered women, such as female venture capitalists or board members at major corporations, are interested in giving back but have a hard time finding a place to do it.

“While women in business have come a long way, It’s still few and far between to find female ‘unicorns,’ women with small businesses that grew to reach over $1 billion in revenue,” she said. “But they are out there and these alpha females see growth for all women as a top priority. There’s just not a great place for them to meet the women they could help most. We hope SheWolf will fill that void.”

Lacenski also noticed many of the groups were focused only on big metropolitan areas or were so large it was hard to really make a personal connection.

The new SheWolf Collaborative will be a tighter, highly vetted and diverse group of women CEOs and founders. Members should have established businesses they are ready to scale. The group is not for women with an idea they have yet to launch, women with a side hustle or those working in multi-level marketing as part of a larger business.

“There are plenty of boss lady groups out there for that,” Lacenski said. “SheWolf is for women making moves, women who are challenged with the day-to-day operations of being the boss.”

Often discussions at women’s professional groups focus on self-care or finding “balance,” buzzwords that working women are asked to focus on much more than men.

SheWolf is different, said Jodee Ruppel, Integration, Strategic Planning and Event Lead at SheWolf Collaborative and founder of 5x5 Consulting.

“Yes, it lifts females up, but it's also a no BS zone that focuses less on self-care and more on how to get things done to grow your business revenue, employees and success,” she said. “I know I need self-care, but what I want first are clients coming into my business to help me double revenue and impact.”

SheWolf currently has six founding members across the United States who are leading the charge. The company is seeking women with similar core values to join the pack, become a part of the ecosystem and help build the network. An early access membership can be locked in at $100 per month for life for a limited time.

“This isn't just about networking,” Lacenski said. “This is about business and when women come together, when we collaborate, share our experiences and support each other, the results are legendary.”

Contact Jordan Lacenski, founder and CEO of SheWolf Collaborative, for more information or with interest in membership. Email: Phone: 336-652-2677

Jordan Lacenski