Pack Post: My TOP FIVE EMAIL Subscriptions

Who needs more email? No one! Who needs better email? YOU DO! Check out my five favorite newsletters, which will blow your mind with marketing and design tips from industry experts. You might even look forward to opening your inbox.



Who knew online surveys could actually be fun? Typeform is leading the way in human-centered form design, building online surveys, event registrations and much more that flow naturally and easily. Their newsletter is chalk-full of great design and customer experience articles. Recent issues have covered topics like 24(!) websites for free photos and how to build your tribe by exchanging value.



Want to improve your Japanese vocabulary? Looking for the best cubic zirconia engagement ring? Want to know if that link is safe to click? Recomendo bills itself as “A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.” Started by Kevin Kelly, who brought us 1000 True Fans, each message comes with a fun variety of technology, cool products and learning resources. 


MailChimp for Agencies

MailChimp is the industry leader in email marketing and they’ve got all the stats and tips you need before jumping into emailing your customers. They also have relationships with many marketers and designers doing innovative things. Their MailChimp for Agencies newsletter has interviews and case studies from really interesting people who explain their business processes and best practices, not always related to email. You’ll learn a lot! 


Taylor from Later

As Instagram has evolved and grown, it’s been tough to keep up with its ever-changing algorithm. Later’s  weekly email has advice and articles to help keep your content in front of customers. They have more of a hard sell approach in their messaging, but the information is solid and will dispel fears about things like the dreaded Shadowban. #itsrealanditsbad Sign up at


Really Good Emails

The name kinda says it all, but this newsletter is short and sweet with great examples and interesting articles. I like when a company shares content from a variety of sources, instead of sending you only to their own website. Really Good Emails put together by some Really Smart People doing seriously cool stuff with email.


So don’t be afraid of your inbox. Read and learn and grow!


- Amy Falcione

Jordan Lacenski