Pack Post: Amy Falcione

Hello! Whether you’re one of my family members reading this (Hi Mom and E!) or you’re just curious about SheWolf pack members, welcome.

I’m Amy Falcione, a communications strategist and graphic designer living in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Three random facts about me:

1.     I played the trumpet in middle school (bonus facts: I had a perm and braces at the time, which means I was super fashionable)

2.     I was voted Most Changed by my graduating class in high school, though likely it was because I started high school with a perm and braces (see #1)

3.     Although I’m a Montana native and I love the outdoors, I also love NOT camping. This girl was made to sleep in a bed. Every single night.

My business is Amy Falcione Design, which I started in order to bring cohesiveness, structure and compelling design to non-profit and small business communications. In each full-time job that I’ve held, I’ve joined a group of designers who are great at what they do, but not so great at evaluating the why or how of what they are doing. In every one of these positions, I’ve introduced tools, strategies, and excellent visuals to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each company’s or organization’s communications. Now I do this for my clients.

Most recently I was Director of Communications at the Montana State University Alumni Foundation, where I oversaw all communications to 100,000+ alumni and donors. That included everything related to the $300 million What It Takes comprehensive campaign, which went public in September 2015. I learned a tremendous amount about segmenting, customizing content, how to motivate MSU alumni and donors (answer: mention that their rival school, the University of Montana, is doing something better) and how to adapt when things don’t go as planned.

The most inspiring part of my work at MSU was getting so see how people coming together can truly change people's lives, and that’s why I joined SheWolf.

This collective not only has incredible talent, immense experience, and mad skills, these women care deeply about how their businesses impact the local community, our region, and the world. And I’m thrilled to be a part of that. Just two nights ago, a group of us were brainstorming about finding local female business owners who have built and sustained innovative and progressive businesses for many years and we couldn’t think of a single name. We were shocked! Although I was unpleasantly surprised by this, it also motivates me to build a thoughtful and intentional business that future female entrepreneurs want to be a part of or replicate for themselves.

So what does your business need? A compelling website? A wildly successful event? A complete brand overhaul? SheWolf can do all of that. We also believe in positively impacting our community and yours, because we’re out to change the world.


- Amy Falcione, Pack Member, Amy Falcione Design


You can hunt her down on Instagram and Facebook.

Jordan Lacenski