SheWolf Collaborative launches women-led marketing webinar series

For Immediate Release: December 15, 2017

Contact: Jordan Lacenski, Founder, SheWolf Collaborative


Phone: 336-652-2677


Greensboro, NC — SheWolf Collaborative is proud to announce “Training for the Hunt,” an online training series to help businesses map out and implement their marketing strategies, the SheWolf way.

The 12-course series examines everything from building the foundation of a brand to creating 5-, 10- and even 20-year plans, including a unique pack-led course covering all the stuff collaborative members wish they would have known, but had to learn the hard way. (You don’t have to.)

“We decided to launch this series because we have gathered a group of women who are truly at the top of their game in their various marketing fields,” said Jordan Lacenski, co-founder of SheWolf Collaborative. “The more we meet and talk, we realize we have an incredible amount of expertise across the entire spectrum of the marketing industry.

Course topics include brand design, creating community events, search engine optimization, blogging, social media, video and email marketing.

Companies opting to keep some or all of their marketing in-house will find these courses beneficial. They are designed for all stages of business, but especially for new ventures that aren’t quite ready for launch and need some support to get there. It’s also an excellent program for businesses considering rebranding.

“We put this series together to share our knowledge with likeminded people looking to boost their marketing skills and to continue to expand this collective spirit we’ve found so impactful in our own careers,” Lacenski said.

SheWolf Collaborative is a group of 20 marketing professionals with proven track records of client success who have joined forces to provide businesses with a full range of marketing expertise. While members live and work all across the United States, the collaborative is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., and has hubs in Chicago, Ill., Bozeman, Mont., and Destin, Fla. SheWolf pack members have worked with companies across different industries such as the Lynn Sage Foundation, HR Block, Whirlpool Corporation, Sola Café in Bozeman, Mont., Bozeman Community Foundation, Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation and more.

“Training for the Hunt” launches January 1, 2018, with the first course in the series: “It All Starts With Why: Building Your Brand’s Foundation.” Subsequent courses will be released the first of each month through December 2018.

Learn more at Register for all 12 courses or individual sessions. A six-week non-profit series is also available.



Jordan Lacenski