First and foremost, the most important part of this whole thing is the pack, the people within the community. Having access to this highly-vetted network of females means that you can network out and UP, moving the needle of your business, and feeling less alone. There are a few really important aspects of our pack that differentiate us from everyone ones:

Everyone in the pack signs an NDA meaning what you say in the pack, stays in the pack.

This is for Founders and CEOs only, so you can guarantee that the women in this network can relate to you doing all. the. things. by. your. damn. self.

We handpick your personal pack. Not only do you get to network with women across the globe, but you get a small tribe of ladies who are in a similar place in their businesses. You’ll be matched up with women who have a similar amount of employees, and a similar revenue level.



We are already driven, and we have goals. The problem is, we get wrapped up in the day to day of our businesses and we often get lost in the being efficient, but we aren’t effective. We put you in packs that get you, and can hold you accountable, with goal crushing strategies and updates on your next big moves.



Professional development is an ongoing process. You never stop training for the hunt. That’s why we have put together all of the resources that we love and then some. The benefit of the pack includes access to personal resources in fields we all need, such as marketing, branding, law, consulting, accounting, and more. Between our podcast, newsletters, online meetings, webinars, and resources page, we aim to cover all bases.



In addition to access to a circle of trust (backed up by legal agreements), we connect our networks of experts. This is where we invite men and women who offer services we need as founders for success.



Our retreats (starting in 2020) are catered to all things SheWolf spirit. We KNOW that you need time away from your laptop. You know that too, but you never give yourself permission to do it. Well, this is the recharging you need. When you work on you, you work on your business. So we combine all the business development you need with the most beautiful wilderness locations and activities that bring out the badass hiding inside.

Dinner tours and pop up events will carry us through the year and virtual “meetups” are a regular occurrence.

Who says happy hour can’t be had over a video call?!


  • Coworking days

  • Collaborative events

  • Discounts to programs facilitated by other organizations that we have personally vetted

  • Meetups

  • Dens

  • Your very own affiliate link that gets you and your accepted referral perks and freebies

  • A pump-up playlist

  • oh, and ZERO Bullshit